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Growing and developing a relationship with a client is very rewarding. Being on-hand for a start-up business and helping it grow and succeed gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Getting it right means a happy client and a happy client is a receptive client. Those positive relationships cover associates in related industries too, and I have gathered to me a fine bunch of trustworthy characters who bolster the work I do. It’s basically a win-win for everybody.
Design is first and foremost the primary part of Enigma. Everything produced at sometime or another has passed through the gifted hands of a talented designer. Creation of visuals from ideas is fundamental, and I aim to provide the most innovative and appropriate work possible. Producing work within the constraints of narrow parameters is always a challenge but I encourage clients to go further. Don’t be held back by convention. Free yourself from the shackles of mediocrity. Allow the bird of expression to fly, unencumbered, from the hand of patronage and explore the boundless horizons of expression.
a shining light of hope in the wilderness of despair…
OK, maybe not, but as an introduction to the enigma that is Enigma, it serves as an appetiser. There is no showcase of previous projects, the intention here is to give you a feel for the type of work produced, the services provided and the funfair ride of fun and lightheadedness that you could encounter. 25 years of experience, a philanthropic disposition and a unique way of viewing humanity all combine within my happy psyche to produce what I call “work”. However, don’t let the apparent flippant attitude fool you; I enjoy my life and my work but clients always receive an utterly professional service.
Or something.                     Just don’t be boring.
palm contemplate
One trick pony? I don’t think so. Enigma offers the full range of services of any large agency, but I do it with lower overheads and with an affable adroitness that would make King Soloman look like a feeble-minded loon. Go on, have a look.
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Brand identity is where it all begins. Flexible and apprioriate, to project the company image through all modern media. And that’s just the start. All subsequent materials and projects need to be handled with the same consumate skill and utter deftness. Being ambidexterous would help.
Often overlooked as a visual aid, illustration of the right style can enhance your message just as much as a well composed photograph. Sometimes, far more liberties can be taken with illustration than other media as there is no limit to what can be transposed to paper from the artist’s mind.
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The finished product (usually). High resolution digital manipulation and proofing, litho, screen and large format print all carried out by competent companies eager to please; like a wide eyed puppy. Their investment in both staff and equipment has resulted in an eclectic mix of bodies, able to cope with the greatest demands. All this high-tech gadgetery ensures when printers weave their inky magic, the quality shows. When the product looks good, so do you.
artwork litho digital web
Websites and solutions galore while taking the mystery out of the often crippling confusion that website creation generates. Complex, yes, but that’s all the behind-the-scenes stuff. Design, deliver and develop is the matra. Sites and solutions that not only look good but grow with you. Now that’s progress.
delicately engineered
a powerhouse of experience
A sample of clients who have all been exposed to my unique charms and yet experience the same level of service be they large or small. Size doesn’t matter. And this isn’t everyone. Oh no.
a thousand words…
There’s a world of difference between taking a picture and making a photograph - it’s the difference between merely looking and really seeing. It’s about improving or altering perception; sometimes it’s about transcending reality. In the words of Ansel Adams: “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept”.          It’s a hobby.
a moment in time
He is reliable, hardworking and delivers impressive results
I would suggest anyone who wishes a good quality service with a smile to use Roger
He is very helpful and supportive and what's more, works with you all the way
Roger has shown the fantastic ability to translate the garbled thoughts that you may have in your head in to stunning graphics that show your product and company off in a great light
…and some foolishness
If you want to work with someone who totally understands the meaning of 'deadline' and who also has a killer sense of humour into the bargain, then this is your man. I've no hesitation in recommending Roger and his company to anyone looking for an outstanding graphic design service (and a laugh!)
where and who?
And this is how to get hold of me. Also available on request are recommendations of companies and individuals I trust to serve in the same professional manner. All remain fiercly independent with no financial ties or connections which means no “mark-up” of prices and so the cost savings are passed on to you, the lovely, lovely client. If you want something not mentioned or covered on the site, by all means just ask. Nothing weird or illegal though eh?
be seeing you
Another hobby but while this may not garner me any work, it’s my website and I can put on it anything I like. So there. I did explain this was an insight into the enigma that is Enigma didn’t I? All done away from public roads.
snetterton bombhole cadwell
barely in control
I have no hesitation in recommending Roger, he is an asset as a partner in any design project and provides excellent value high level services every time
All work commissioned is entrusted to well established, local photgraphers, chosen for their creativity, efficiency, integrity and generosity with biscuits. Utilising the very best in digital equipment, like itinerent serial killers, the “go anywhere, shoot anything” philosophy means a very open mind and unbounded enthusiasm.
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Even when the pressure is on, he is always able to put a smile on your face, with is witty repartee. I can't wait for the next project to come along so that we can work together again
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